All Things Victorian

All Things Victorian
Victoriana Lady Lisa

Sunday, March 13, 2011

Victorian Cemetery Lover

I am a Taphophile, what in the world is that, you ask?
Taphophilia includes gravestone rubbings, cemetery photography,
epitaphs, genealogy search and the history of famous deaths.

I could spend hours, and usually do, walking through old Victorian era cemeteries
in search of beautiful artwork and epitaphs on gravestones. They are outdoor museums to me.

Many people stop for yard sales while driving. I want to stop at every old cemetery and graveyard! Speaking of which, they are not one in the same, contrary to popular belief. A graveyard is always next

to a church, the cemetery stands alone.

Perhaps being an art major has something to do with my fascination with stone carvings. Cemetery photography is exactly how I met my beloved, author/photographer John Grant. His eagerly anticipated cemetery & epitaphs book Final Thoughts will be released in October of 2011. While I am just an amateur,
I do enjoy beauty in stone. Here is a sample collection of  my photos from turn of the century cemeteries.

                                                    West Pittston PA Cemetery      

                                                    Dunmore PA Cemetery

                                                    West Pittston PA Cemetery

                                                    Hanover Green Cemetery PA

                                                    Bloomsburg PA Cemetery

                               Victoriana Lady Lisa Lewis near a favorite gravestone

Carverton Road PA Cemetery

                                          Hollenback Cemetery Wilkes-Barre PA

                                    Green Wood Cemetery Brooklyn NY

                 Cemetery photographer/author John Thomas Grant In Green Wood

                                                         West Wyoming PA Cemetery

As you can see, some of my favorite shots are of angels.

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