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Friday, March 25, 2011

Cemetery Photography In A New Light

Often when you mention a cemetery or graveyard many people shudder, mention taking pictures there and they are horrified. But wait...the cemetery is not just for the dead but the living as well. Those laid to rest lived and breathed like you and I. They had hopes, dreams, tears, they were all important in some way. They need to be remembered, with honor, lovingly, not to be forgotten. That is exactly what John Thomas Grant seeks to achieve in his intimate cemetery photos. He was recently asked by Funeral Director's Chat to do an interview with director Nancy Burban. To hear the entire Podcast with photographer/author John Thomas Grant-

The infamous Mourning Angel photo "Twas hard to give thee up..."

People are asked to leave their comments at the page, this was mine-

Almost four years ago I came across the photo of John Grant's Mourning Angel on the "Epitaphs" magazine cover at their web site and I was awestruck!  An avid cemetery fan and amateur photographer myself, I had never seen anything so breathtaking and beautiful. I recall gazing at this flawless photo for some time, marveling at the emotional composition and brilliant colors. Whoever shot this photo I thought must be a person who has great depth and feeling, a true artist with the camera.

Fast forward three years later... a mutual cemetery friend Joe Dallmann from Facebook suggested that I check out John Grant's photo page. At his insistence I did and low and behold John's profile picture was him sitting at the base of the Mourning Angel...I was speechless!!! It was like Deja-Vu!

To make a long story short, John asked me to help him on his cemetery book "Final Thoughts" and as we worked together and got to know each other we realized that we couldn't live without each other. :)

I am writing this, first as a fan, and now as a partner with John. I was absolutely right, he has great depth, incredible emotion, dedication to cemetery preservation  and a sincere eye for photos that is pure art. It was his photography that helped win me over, the photos touched me, deep within my heart.

The husband is leaning toward the wife...

John Grant's pictures, no two which are alike, speak to you. They evoke memories and experiences that we have all had in our lives. They make us reflect on the preciousness of life. Not only do they bring visual pleasure but they reach deep into the soul.

 I really enjoyed hearing John share in this Podcast, I have so much admiration & respect for him and what he brings to others with his art. What a gift!

I am honored beyond words to know this man, to watch him work and create and I'm fortunate beyond belief to have the joy of loving him. He told me that I inspire him, how precious...the best is yet to come... I love you sweetheart. :)

John Thomas Grant & Victoriana Lady Lisa Lewis of The Passion Projects Entertainment Company

The eagerly anticipated cemetery book Final Thoughts will be released in October 2011
For more information-

To see more photos-!/pages/The-Passion-Projects/133921303297945


  1. I love the history in cemeteries and always take time to walk through and look around, next time I'll bring my camera! beautiful

  2. Wonderful!! You will come away with many lovely photos. :)