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All Things Victorian
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Monday, March 14, 2011

My Recent Trip To Rockport, Massachusettes

John and I took a business/pleasure trip to Rockport Mass. last week, John's home town. I had the grand tour of Rockport and many of the beautiful surrounding towns. If you will recall, the movie The Perfect Storm with George Clooney, was filmed there. Yes, I saw the Crow's Nest, although we did not go in, and the dock area where they filmed some of the scenes.

The town is absolutely charming! A wonderful mix of colonial New England and Victorian house styles, I was in my glory snapping photos! We took John's mom out to dinner and I had the best clam chowder and steamed mussels that I've ever had...mmm!! Seafood is my absolute favorite food and there was plenty of it!

John and I took in some of the old cemeteries as well, Sleepy Hollow being my favorite with the graves of Louisa Mae Alcott, Henry Thoreau and Nathaniel Hawthorne, just to name a few. Louisa Mae Alcott's Little Women was my favorite book of my childhood, I still have my old copy. The story inspired my love of the Victorian age, in fact my first daughter is named Megan.

                                    The home of Louisa Mae Alcott in Concord, Massachusettes

Here are some of my favorite homes from Rockport, Concord, Essex, Ipswich, Newbury Port, Gloucester, and Salem.

                                                       Ralph Waldo Emerson's Home


  1. Awww sweetie, we will go back!! I can't wait to take photos this summer when everything is green. :)