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All Things Victorian
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Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Our First Meeting

Twas Hard To Give Thee Up

It's been 10 wonderful months since I met author/photographer John Thomas Grant. Our first meeting face to face was at Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn NY where we both attended author Doug Keister's program Stories In Stone, based on his book.
We were introduced by a mutual friend on Facebook, I know, it sounds crazy! John was looking for a Victorian consultant for a Civil War book that he is writing, I was honored! We began working together on the project online, he in Rockport, Mass. and I in West Pittston PA.

 As time went on John expressed his feelings for me. Afraid of being hurt again I turned him down. I insisted that we just be friends and continue to work on the project. I'm happy to say that John is a patient and loving man. He finally won me over time through his sincere words, kind heart, and his photos. Yes, his photos. They are very intimate and touch the human soul, they truly touched mine. I never thought in a million years that I would fall in love, coming out of a very difficult marriage. Yet I feel as if I am alive again for the first time in years, I am free to be me!!

Now John and I are inseperable, he recently relocated here in PA. We love working together in the office and brainstorming our next creative project. Since we are both so passionate about our work we have formed an entertainment company called The Passion Projects. It unites John's photos/book, my upcoming book/ antique traveling museum programs, plus we do the marketing & promotion for the Stegmaier Mansion & Chef Jody Klocko. Other clients are on the horizen and we are available for consulting work on setting up tea parties, such as those that I host at the Stegmaier Mansion B&B.

Shown above is my favorite photo of John's, and nearly everyone else's. It is called the Mourning Angel from Green Wood Cemetery in Brooklyn NY. This photo and about 200 other magnificent shots will be featured in his book Final Thoughts due out in October of 2011.

I am so fortunate to have found such a wonderful and talented man to share my hopes and dreams with, John I love you so much!!! I love that your hopes & dreams mirror mine. :) My sweetheart this is just the beginning...


  1. AWWWWWWW! that is so romantic...what a great partnership in every way! :o)

  2. Oh, I sure do love a good romance story and this doesn't disappoint :) :) :) How sweet, and what a lovely tribute to a good man :) :) I'm so happy for you!!!!! Oh, I do remember that photo, too. It's beautiful and haunting all at the same time :) :)

    Oh, back to the romance, what a sweet story :) :) I'm really happy for both of you and all the creative cool stuff that you can do together now ;) :)

    Love and hugs from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Thank you both so much ladies!! John and I are very fortunate to have each other, and to be able to share our passions with the world. :)