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All Things Victorian
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Tuesday, April 26, 2011

The Passion Projects Entertainment Company Presents...

The Passion Projects Entertainment Company Presents...

What is the Passion Projects you ask?

 It's the combined projects of Lisa Griffiths Lewis & John Thomas Grant. We are both extremely passionate about our art and creative projects. Lisa who does business as Victoriana Lady is a Victorian era historian, author & public speaker. She presents Victorian & Edwardian Fashion programs dressed in antique attire all over the country with her traveling museum, circa 1850-1920. No reproductions here!!  Lisa began her amazing collection of clothing, accessories and artifacts at the young age of 15. When most teenagers were going to the mall, she was going to estate sales, flea markets and antique shops.

      My first purchase at age 15 was this pair of delicate crochet lace gloves

Victoriana Lady Lisa Griffiths Lewis in a circa 1890 antique ensemble

John Thomas Grant, celebrated cemetery photographer & author, is co-partner in the Passion Projects. He manages and markets both his and Lisa's events, as well as promoting the tea events that we host at the nationally acclaimed Stegmaier Mansion B&B in PA. John's passion began when he started to research his family genealogy. Once he obtained all of the information that he could from his living relatives he turned to the deceased ones and visited the cemetery.

The Mourning Angel by John Thomas Grant to be featured in the book Final Thoughts

While there he had a realization of the surrounding beauty and how much it made one think about the preciousness of life. He picked up his camera, began shooting and now his first cemetery book, Final Thoughts, will be out in October 2011. Not just another picture book, his shots are like no other. No ghosts here but family history, hand carved art in stone & touching epitaphs. The photos speak to you, they touch you in a very intimate and sentimental way.

Photographer/Author John Thomas Grant

The Passion Projects has been featured in many local publications with its sell out Titanic theme luncheon & dinner events at The Stegmaier Mansion.

Today we were interviewed by Shadoe Steele on Outlook On NEPA a syndicated radio show to discuss our upcoming projects, which include John cemetery book, Lisa's upcoming Victorian Fashions book, Lisa's recent appearance on national television with the Oddities program at Obscura Antiques, and our upcoming tea events.

Shadoe in the recording studio with Lisa Lewis aka Victoriana Lady

Shadoe & John Grant 

For photos and a schedule of upcoming events please see and on Facebook type in "The Passion Projects."

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  1. I can't tell you enough just how fabulous it is to be your partner Honey. I love you so much Baby:) Onward and upward SC.