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All Things Victorian
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Thursday, June 9, 2011

Introducing The Passion Projects LLC

                Lisa Griffiths Lewis & John Thomas Grant The Passion Projects LLC

We are pleased to announce that our historical entertainment company is now officially an LLC! Many great things are on the horizon, we will keep you updated as they transpire. What or who is The Passion Projects you ask?

The pink rose is Lisa's favorite; my statue of course. Behind her rose is another picture of the "Pink Rose Nebula." True...there is an astronomical object called the "Pink Rose Nebula." Gas and dust back lit by stars in the form of a rose. I placed it behind the real rose...voila! Sparkles! The font script is Edwardian, of course. All layered on a black background a la my art.- John Thomas Grant

January 1, 2011
Lisa Lewis/John Thomas Grant

The fan pages of Lisa Lewis and John Thomas Grant. Dedicated to our much loved creative projects, our 'passions'. Don't ask what the world needs. Ask what makes you come alive and go do it. Because what the world needs is people who have come alive.

We are both passionate about our art forms. Follow us as we develop, create, and present our much loved projects, including - books, TV shows, and live performances.

The promotion of history and art for the understanding & betterment of society.

Final Thoughts: Eternal Beauty in Stone - John Thomas Grant - Schiffer Publishing - 2011.
The Fashionable Victorians - Lisa Griffiths-Lewis - Schiffer Publishing - 2012.
The Victoriana Lady Lisa - living history actress/speaker specializing in Victorian & Edwardian fashions & lifestyle.

Personal Information
John Thomas Grant, celebrated cemetery photographer, is currently working on his first book, "Final Thoughts" due out in 2011. John brings life to the cemeteries he shoots, in order that people think and reflect on their own lives. John's motto is "Live Life Now!" 

To be featured in "Final Thoughts" The Mourning Angel from Green Wood Cemetery, Brooklyn NY

Lisa Griffiths-Lewis, living history actress/speaker, specializes in Victorian & Edwardian fashions & lifestyle. She tours the country with her own personal traveling museum circa 1860-1920, Titanic style fashions being of particular interest to her.

We both share a passion for the 19th century, be it a cemetery or love letter, antiques or tracing our ancestors.
Of special interest is the American Civil War, Lisa's grandfather fought in the Civil War.

Our current roster of projects include:
1. "Final Thoughts"
Author/Photographer: John Thomas Grant. Publisher: Schiffer Publishing
Release date: late 2011
Coffeetable styled book combining the poignant photographic work of John Thomas Grant with epitaphs.

Victoriana Lady in Victorian Mourning attire. Photo by John Thomas Grant

2. "Victoriana Lady"
Reenactor: Lisa Lewis
Nationally acclaimed Professional Victorian Era Public Speaker specializing in the Victorian & Edwardian era, a Freelance Writer and historic Victorian Fashions Model. Through her online persona Lisa has transformed her passion for 19th century Victorian fashions into a romantic portrayal of life and times during the Gilded Age. As a professional traveling re-enactor with her own antique traveling museum, the Victorian Lady can recreate this romantic era into a most memorable event.

A Victorian Bridal Fashions program

3. "The Fashionable Victorians - 1837 ... 2012" - author - Lisa Griffiths-Lewis. Publisher - Schiffer Publishing. Release date - 2012
Coffeetable styled book dealing with the past to present world of Victorian Fashions. 

Personal Interests
Cemeteries, photography, Victorian Era, Edwardian Era, American Civil War, writing, history, antiques, Titanic, antique fashions, genealogy, 19th century letters, journals, & living life.
Email &
Lisa@ 570-290-2679

We both believe in embracing life and living it to the fullest. Thank you for joining us on this amazing journey! -John & Lisa

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