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Friday, July 8, 2011

Final Thoughts Eternal Beauty In Stone

Final Thoughts Eternal Beauty In Stone 

The eagerly awaited book of my sweetheart, John Thomas Grant, is now available for pre-order (at a sale price!!) You will never look at a cemetery the same way after reading this book.

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Product Description

The story of life and death in America as told through beautiful cemetery art photography accompanied by meaningful epitaphs from cemeteries up to 300 years old. View 68 cemeteries in 224 beautiful photographs that breathe life into existence of those who have passed before us, and who are now enshrined for eternity in landscaped paradises. Within each placid scene and through heartfelt words displayed upon markers, join photographer John Thomas Grant in his one-of-a-kind study of an American tradition.

About the Author

After 30 years in the music business, John Thomas Grant's new creative outlet came through the lens of the camera. Genealogy introduced John to the cemetery. The cemetery gave John back his life. Final Thoughts is his first adventure.

Author/photographer John Thomas Grant

                                          John & Lisa aka Victoriana Lady

The Passion Projects, John Grant & Victoriana Lady Lisa,thank you all for your kind support!!


  1. Congrats to John!!
    When is the date it will be in stores? Will he be doing a Book signing at B&N, Lisa?
    You and john are still coming on Sunday, right?


  2. wow, this is awesom e. Congrats on the new book. I'm praying it will be wildly successful. The photos are gorgeous. I have to say I LOVED the one with the two headstones leaning towards each if to say, even in death, that they will always be in love ;) :) At least, that's what the photo makes me think of ;) :) Have a great weekend. Love, hugs and congrats from Oregon, Heather :)

  3. Thanks Debbie!! It will be in stores in November, just in time for holidays gift giving! :)

    We are still coming and can't wait to see you and your amazing home remodeling. Hugs!!

  4. Thanks Heather for your kind words! xoxoxoxo