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Wednesday, October 1, 2014

Victorian Grandmother's Recipe Inspires That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts

Victorian Grandmother Ella Mae Martin's Recipe Inspires That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts

My Maternal Victorian era Grandmother Ella Mae Martin, the inspiration for That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts 

Candied nuts in the Victorian era were called *Burnt Almonds.* Here's the recipe that my Praline nuts are based on from my maternal Grandmother Ella Mae Martin's cookbook. Grandma knew best!

 Ella Mae Martin's circa 1900 cookbook and hand written recipes.

 Ella Mae as a young girl on right, and as an older woman on left, with recipe for Burnt Almonds marked with an X.

 Ella Mae's father, Samuel J. Martin, was a Quarter Master Sergeant in the Union Army during the Civil War. Her children grew up to own a candy factory in PA. I learned to bake, cook, and make confections at any early grade school age.  I have many of the original family recipes, my ancestors inspired all that I do. You could say that I'm picking up where my family left off.
Ella Mae's parents emigrated from England in the early1850's.

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