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All Things Victorian
Victoriana Lady Lisa

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Titanic Memories at the Monroe County Historical Society's Annual Victorian Tea

Author/historian Victoriana Lady Lisa was honored to be the guest speaker at the annual Victorian Tea Luncheon for the Monroe County Historical Society in PA recently. It was their 20th year with 230 guests attending. The audience was delightful and extremely attentive with many questions afterwards.

Victoriana Lady's program included personal stories and photos of a Titanic survivor from PA whose daughter is a good friend of hers. Popular clothing and accessories from the era when the Titanic sailed  from her antique traveling museum collection were shown with descriptions of what was worn and why.

The Victorian era was from 1837-1901 when Queen Victoria sat on the throne. The Titanic sailed and sank during the Edwardian era when her son Edward sat on the throne. There were many similarities to both eras as one overlapped the other.

Thelma Thomas from Lebanon survivor of the Titanic from Wilkes'Barre, PA

Thelma Thomas' grave stone reads Survivor Of Titanic Ship

Charles Thomas from Lebanon who perished on the Titanic

Victoriana Lady Lisa & friend Mae Thomas whose mother Thelma & uncle Charles Thomas were on Titanic

Newspaper headline of the sinking of the Titanic

 1912 coin commemorating the sinking of the Titanic

A necklace made of coal from the Titanic 2009 exhibition in NYC

The audience at the Victorian Tea enjoys a Titanic Memories program by author/historian Victoriana Lady

There were several Victorian re-enactors at the Victorian Tea Titanic Memories

Victoriana Lady Lisa with the winner of the Victorian hat contest at the Victorian Tea Titanic Memories

I received this wonderful letter from the executive director Amy Leiser-

Dear Victoriana Lady Lisa,
On behalf of the Monroe County Historical Association, I would like to thank you for presenting a wonderful program for our 20th annual Victorian Tea & Luncheon at the Chateau Resort in Tannersville, PA. I am delighted to inform you that this year's program, Titanic Memories, was especially well received. All of our guests thoroughly enjoyed the afternoon and your presentation. You did a wonderful job and kept the interest of 230 guests-not an easy task!

The Victorian Tea & Luncheon continues to be one of our most important fund raisers and your contribution to our event was greatly appreciated. It was a pleasure to work with you. The Monroe County Historical association is very fortunate to have your support and friendship. Thank you for all of your hard work and for making the 20th annual Victorian Tea a great success for our organization.

Amy Leiser
Executive Director

Victoriana Lady Lisa & Monroe County Historical Society executive director Amy Leiser

For more information about their annual Victorian tea events-

Victorian Bathing Costume

I was recently asked to model for the Gaslight Gathering's Steampunk calender for their upcoming convention. The theme is 19th century bathing costumes, since I have one in my antique traveling museum collection I was happy to oblige. It will be perfect for my upcoming book The Fashionable Victorians as well. Photos are by John Thomas Grant taken at the beach in Rockport, MA.

I have several antique ladies magazines in my collection and came across this sweet poem in the Metropolitan Magazine circa 1900 which is fitting...

When Edith Goes To Swim

A calm comes over the rolling surf,
The beating gulls cease to skim,
And the serpents rise with curious eyes
When Edith goes to swim.

A hush comes over the noisy beach,
They flock to the ocean's rim,
And they linger there in the bracing air,
When Edith goes to swim.

When Edith goes to swim my head
Goes swimming as never before,
I envy the sand, and the ocean's grand,
And the sky and shell strewn shore.

her suit is so scant, and it fits so well,
Her figure both plump and trim,
There's more to be said but I lose my head,
When Edith goes to swim.