Victorian Era Historian, Author, Speaker Victoriana Lady Lisa Griffiths Lewis

Victorian Era Historian, Author, Speaker Victoriana Lady Lisa Griffiths Lewis
Victoriana Lady At The Stegmaier Mansion B&B

Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Victoriana Lady Lisa Meets That Nutty Redhead!!

                                                                          Logo designed by artist Josh Stebbins

Last October 2013 I launched a praline gourmet nut business named That Nutty Redhead. The recipes are based on a recipe in my Victorian grandmother Ella Mae's cookbook from the turn of the century. They're flying off of the shelves at 16 different stores and farm stands on the Northshore of MA. Whole Foods has also contacted me with an interest in my all natural product!!

My nut blends are some of the healthiest nuts that you can eat. I DON'T roast the nuts, which is a form of deep frying, causing various health problems.

 To learn more about the dangers of roasted nuts-

I take fresh, raw almonds & cashews and steam cook them in a giant kettle, adding only pure natural spices and flavorings, such as Madagascar Vanilla, and pure Toffee Maple. What you get is a softer, fresher nut, full of nutrients, and they're easier on your dental work. (If you've ever cracked a tooth eating a hard roasted nut and paid the dentist bill, you know what I'm talking about!)

***Mouthwatering flavors include***
Breakfast in New England (maple-toffee
 New England Praline w/ Sea Salt (Madagascar vanilla)
Cajun Hug Nut ( Cajun spices & cayenne)
Sweet Smoked Hickory (smoked bacon flavor)

Mmm!!!!! Almonds & cashews never tasted so good!!!!! They're awesome on ice cream, and in yogurt, and cereal.

I have farmers markets 6 days a week that I do in Cape Ann MA and surrounding communities.

I recently unveiled the nuts at the annual Gloucester Block Party. What a fun time! I dressed in antique clothing from my collection to portray my grandmother Ella Mae, who inspired me with her recipe.Victoriana Lady & That Nutty Redhead, a dynamic duo!! :)

 Fun at the Gloucester Block Party with That Nutty Redhead/Victoriana Lady Lisa!! …

The nuts are excellent on salad and are so full of good nutrients and antioxidants. A Harvard study shows that people who eat a handful of Tree Nuts daily live longer.

That Nutty Redhead Praline Gourmet Nuts are available at Crosby's Marketplace in Marblehead, Manchester-By-The- Sea, and Hamilton MA, and other fine stores.
To see all of our locations, and information on ordering, click here-

 They make great hostess gifts, corporate gifts for Christmas, along with wedding & bridal shower favors.

 My motto is "Live A Little, While You Live A Little Longer!" Nuts are healthy!!

Sunday, July 13, 2014

Filming at MODVIC aka Bruce Rosenbaum's Steampunk Home, Sharon MA

I had the privilege of interviewing Steampunk extraordinaire Bruce Rosenbaum, owner of MODVIC Steampunk Design, and touring his and wife Melanie's fabulous home. It will be featured on an upcoming episode of my cable TV program All Things Victorian on Cape Ann MA TV

H.G. Wells & Jules Verne would have been right at home here among the wonderful  H.A.T. designs, as Bruce likes to say. Steampunk blends H-history, A-art, & T-technology in a delightful way!

Bruce is curating a fantastical Steampunk exhibition entitled Steampunk Springfield: Re-Imagining an Industrial City, complete with with Humachines & Brassy Bridal Steampunk Wedding fashions from March 27- September 28, 2014 at the Springfield Museum, MA. I will be filming at the exhibition for the TV show as well.

Thanks Bruce & Melanie Rosenbaum for your kind hospitality!!

For more information-
— in Sharon, MA.

Friday, January 17, 2014

My book, International Steampunk Fashions, is chosen for distinguished book site.

Author/historian Victoriana Lady Lisa, was just notified by Schiffer Publishing Ltd. that her book, International Steampunk Fashions, was one of only 115 books chosen, out of thousands of books, to represent Schiffer on the "Designers & Books Online Book Fair."
 "The books are from a distinguished, international group of publishers who pride themselves on books that inspire creativity and innovation, and are also a pleasure to look at." -The editors at Designers & Books.
Victoriana Lady is incredibly honored!! 

What is Steampunk? It's what the Victorians would have worn, and made, if they had our modern technology. It's a back to the future movement that's really picking up steam. :)

Saturday, December 14, 2013

All Things Victorian Cable Program For Cape Ann TV Massachusetts

I'm delighted to announce that Cape Ann TV loves the program idea, All Things Victorian, that John and I developed. It's on the order of my antique traveling museum shows that I've presented up and down the east coast, for the last decade. Each episode will discuss a different aspect of the Victorian era, from 1837-1901, showcasing authentic antiques and artifacts.

     Victoriana Lady Lisa in an authentic circa 1890 ensemble from her traveling museum collection.

Everything from architecture, to fashion, superstitions, to literature, and much more will be featured. We will also visit the Edwardian era, neo-Victorian fashions, and the latest phenomenon Steampunk.
Programs will be in studio, often with guests, and we will have interviews on location at various B&B's, tea rooms, antique shops, museums, historical societies, and with private collectors, just to name a few.

Once the program airs locally here in Massachusetts then it will be posted on Youtube for all to see!
Stay tuned for more details...

Follow All Things Victorian with Victoriana Lady-

Thursday, September 26, 2013

Author/Historian Victoriana Lady Lisa was recently interviewed on Cape Ann TV in Massachusetts on a popular long running program called The Writer's Block. It was to talk about her book, International Steampunk Fashions, and what she's doing currently. 
                It was an honor to be featured on the program Cape Ann, thank you for all of your support!

                                                                 "Quiet on the set!"

Her ensemble is Steampunk style, with an authentic antique hat, circa 1880, from her Victorian & Edwardian traveling museum collection. The show air on October 3 and 10 at 8:00 pm on channel 12. Once aired the link will be posted at her Facebook page for viewing outside of the Cape Ann area. 

                      Host John Ronan, of The Wtriter's Block, and Author/Historian Victoriana Lady Lisa

Copies of her book are available on Amazon and B&N stores online. You can also ask for it at your local bookstore. For a signed copy, contact the author at

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Thursday, May 23, 2013

Victoriana Lady Named A Cult Figure In Steampunk Genre

Victoriana Lady Lisa, aka Lisa Griffiths, of Oddities fame on the Science channel, named a cult figure in NY Examiner article. Lady Lisa was signing her newly released hardcover book, International Steampunk Fashions, at the 2013 Steampunk World's Fair in NJ.
To read more-

It was an honor to meet legendary author K.W.Jeter this weekend at The Steampunk World's Fair in NJ. Mr. Jeter is the first to coin the term Steampunk in a letter to Locus magazine in April of 1987, to describe the retro-technology, alternate-history works that he published along with his friends, Powers & Blaylock . Mr. Jeter's Steampunk novels include Morlock Night and Infernal Devices.

I had the pleasure of meeting one of the photographers, John T. Riley, who has work in my Steampunk book. He took this wonderful photo for me.

 This book is the first hardcover in the Steampunk fashion genre. It's a lovely 10" x 13" coffee table sized book with 192 thick glossy pages, published by Schiffer Publishing Ltd.

 To order an autographed copy-

Monday, October 22, 2012

Update On My Victorian & Edwardian Book

The Fashionable Victorians & Edwardians by Victoriana Lady Lisa

 Victoriana Lady Lisa in circa late 1890's ensemble from her traveling museum collection.
Photo by Rebecca Grant at The Stegmaier Mansion B&B

It's often said that projects take longer than you think they will and in this case it's true. I began writing my book The Fashionable Victorians & Edwardians back in early 2011. I took a break after only a few months into it since my Steampunk chapter outgrew the book. I was then approached by my publisher to do a Steampunk fashion book exclusively. I'm proud to say that International Steampunk Fashions is now available for pre-order on Amazon and Barnes & Noble online. It will hit book stores in January.

This international phenomena showcases works by contributors such as G.D. Falksen, Everlyn Kriete, Jon Magnificent, Kato of Steampunk Couture, Lex Machina, Lee Ann Farruga, Daniel Proulx, The League of S.T.E.A.M., Cris Ortega, Jema Hewitt, Dim Horizon Studio, Starkall, Empire Art, Abney Park, Brute Force Studios, Veronique Chevalier, and many more.

***To order copies of International Steampunk Fashions on Amazon: 

Kato of Steampunk Couture is one of the featured models

Fast forward to my first book, John and I have been busy lining up models and shooting various accessories as well. The book is to be a 350 page full color coffee table size compendium, a hard cover no less. It will include photos from my traveling museum collection, other private collectors, museum pieces and authentic antique photos and old fashion ads.

Victoriana Lady Lisa's ancestors, Hannah & daughter Ella Mae Martin, circa late 1860-early 1870.
My ancestors were my inspiration for my traveling museum collection.

A Parisian fashion ad circa 1890-1900.

An antique corset ad

Model Emma Quateman wearing a circa 1900 dress and hat from my traveling museum collection.
Photo by John Thomas Grant.

Model Brandi Barra in a beautiful dress that she created from the Neo-Victorian chapter.

From the Steampunk chapter, lovely model Joan Nakamoto.

From the accessories chapter, an antique engagement ring, handkerchief and marriage certificate.
Photo by John Thomas Grant.

From the Steampunk chapter, a lovely Victorian style necklace from artisan Daniel Proulx.

Victoriana Lady Lisa modeling antique swimwear. Photo at Rockport Beach, MA by John Thomas Grant.

Lonna Miller & The Ladies of Locust Grove in their Edwardian finery.

From the Mourning chapter, Victoriana Lady Lisa in circa 1880 Widows Weeds.
 Photo by John Thomas Grant.

From the Sleepwear chapter, Victoriana Lady Lisa in a circa 1900 night gown from her collection taken at the Stegmaier Mansion B&B. Photo by Rebecca Grant.

Stay tuned for more updates...