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All Things Victorian
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Wednesday, September 24, 2014

Victoriana Lady Lisa/That Nutty Redhead Kickstarter Project Goes Live!!

Victoriana Lady aka That Nutty Redhead - Frosted Praline Gourmet Nuts launches Kickstarter project!!

 ***UPDATE-   Just 2 days into launch, my project is now a Kickstarter Staff Pick favorite!!***

 I love meeting customers at the farmers markets and store tastings!

 Whole Foods market, and several other markets, want to carry my all natural,  GMO free gourmet nuts. They're based on a recipe from my Victorian grandmother Ella Mae Martin's cookbook. Mine are kettle steamed, not roasted, for a softer, fresher nut product that is also easier on your teeth. Just as you steam vegetables to keep the nutrients in, I steam the raw almonds & cashews, then add mouthwatering all natural spices and flavors.
 I have 24 stores and farm markets on the Northshore of MA, and counting, plus Miller Winery in Va that sells my product! My gourmet nut blends are a delicious all natural product, GMO corn syrup free and contain no dairy, soy, gluten, wheat, eggs, peanuts, preservatives, trans fat oils, and never anything artificial. I say, "Snack Healthy!!"

 Please join me as I raise the required professional UPC/nutrition label packaging, another nut glazing machine, supplies, and working capital to make this dream a reality!!!!

Every dollar counts!!!! Please pledge early, it gets the attention of the Kickstarter folks. I have wonderful thank you rewards too, so check it out!! You can even be a guest on my award winning cable TV program All Things Victorian. :)

 Thank you all so much for your support!!!

Let's do this, together we can!!!!!!

Monday, September 15, 2014

Victoriana Lady Lisa's Program All Things Victorian Wins First Place Award For Local Talk Show!

***Drum roll please!!!!!!!!

John Grant, and Lisa Griffiths, aka Victoriana Lady, aka (That Nutty Redhead - Praline Gourmet Nuts) won FIRST PLACE for Profile Talk Show for their weekly program All Things Victorian!!!!

 A clip from the award winning show on Victorian Accessories. Victoriana Lady Lisa is shown wearing and displaying some of her large antique clothing & accessories from her private traveling museum collection. She began collecting at age 15 after she learned through a genealogy search that her maternal grandfather was a Quarter Master Sergeant in the Civil War.

 A Passion Projects production, Lisa Griffiths and John Grant will attend the Alliance for Community Media Awards ceremony on Oct. 11th in NH. It's a prestigious regional award including all of New England and New York. They're absolutely honored and delighted! The weekly program airs on Cape Ann TV in MA. They wish to thank Erich Archer, Lisa Smith, Jim Capillo, and everyone at Cape Ann TV for their  hard work and support.

All Things Victorian was the creation of business, and life partners, Lisa Griffiths and John Grant, both published authors. John Grant is also a professional photographer. His book Final Thoughts- Eternal Beauty in Stone is available at Amazon, Barnes & Noble, or can be ordered from your local book seller. John was working on book number two about Civil War Letters, many from his personal collection, when he put his career on hold to help Lisa launch her gourmet nut business, which is based on her Victorian grandmother's recipe. 

Logo designed by artist Josh Stebbins
That Nutty Redhead is a unique kettle steamed (not roasted/fried) process of almonds & cashews in 4 mouthwatering flavors. Sales are brisk, stores continue to be added, and Whole Foods is interested in the nut product.

All Things Victorian covers all aspects of the Victorian era, such as food, fashion, literature, architecture, and much more, from 1837-1901. The Edwardian era, circa 1901-1910, a branch off of Queen Victoria's tree, is also touched upon during the series.

Illustration of Victoriana Lady Lisa by Joseph Hernandez

The Passion Projects LLC was named as such because John and Lisa are both so passionate about their art, creating, and doing what they love. With that said, their advice is to follow your dreams and never give up!!!

There are 9 episodes of All Things Victorian posted so far, with 4 more coming soon. They include a Victorian tea at the historic Emerson Inn in Rockport MA, where Griffiths and Grant reside, a Victorian baking show, A Steampunk episode, and a Victorian Mourning program. When asked what's next, they reply that they're just getting started on their Passion Projects. :)
Stay tuned for more details!!

Episodes of All Things Victorian can be viewed at Cape Ann TV- and also found on Youtube.