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All Things Victorian
Victoriana Lady Lisa

Thursday, September 22, 2016

Victorian Fashion Revival Article With

Victoriana Lady Lisa's Victorian era great-great grandmother Ella Mae Martin, standing, and sister Lucy, seated, circa 1890. This photo was my inspiration as a child which encouraged my love of historic fashions. Ella Mae & Lucy's father Samuel J. Martin was a Quarter Master Sergeant in the Civil War. Sadly Lucy passed away at age 25 from Influenza, her sister Ella Mae named her daughter Lucy in her sister's honor. Namesake Lucy was my beloved great grandmother.

Greetings friends,
I'm honored to be featured in this informative Recollections article among such knowledgeable people in the industry. My very first reproduction gown was from Recollections when I started catering afternoon tea parties back in 2002. So many wonderful things have happened since that time.

If you enjoy the Victorian & Edwardian era you can watch episodes of my award winning community access TV program All Things Victorian, also posted on Youtube. For Steampunk fans you might enjoy my book International Steampunk Fashions by Victoriana Lady Lisa

I encourage you to make a cup of tea and set aside some time to peruse the fabulous articles on the Recollections blog pages. Cheerio!


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