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All Things Victorian
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Saturday, July 16, 2011

A Magical Tea: Harry Potter Style

Welcome to the Stegmaier Mansion aka Hogwarts-

  The Passion Project's Victoriana Lady Lisa as Bellatrix Lestrange with Hedwig in her antique bird cage. Not bad for a paper cut out bird!

The Passion Projects is pleased to announce another successful event!! We hosted a magical tea in the Harry Potter style to celebrate the recent final movie release. The event was held at the Stegmaier Mansion B&B, imagine happening upon Dumbledore's office, the entire house looks like that, an impeccably restored 1870 gem. The guests were greeted by my antique bird cage with our own special Hedwig.

My paper Hedwig, he looked real!

The day was fantastical from start to finish, we had world class magician Damian, who amazed the guests with one astounding trick after another. My favorite one was when he turned 5 one dollar bills into 5 one hundred dollar bills right before our eyes! I sure could use a man like that around!! Damian also changed a dollar bill into fourths right in his hand before our eyes, then changed it back again. Wow! Victorian parlor magic with a magician was very popular in the 1900's in wealthy homes.

He did a trick where he used a woman's ring from the crowd, he magically made it disappear from his hand. The next instant he was holding up a dinner bell. He asked the woman to ring it, then look underneath the bell. Her ring was attached to the bell making the sound! You have to see it to believe it!!

Have you ever picked a card from a deck and had the magician find your card? Not only does he find your card but he placed the stacked deck against your hand, steps back then watches as your card slips up out of the deck by itself!! I was inches away snapping photos and I was speechless. A master at illusion for certain!

Jody Klocko the executive chef at the mansion performed his own magic in the kitchen. The food was incredibly delicious, he never disappoints. Menu items shown here were taken right out of the Harry Potter cookbook.

The best was the dessert finale; chocolate frogs with melt in your mouth centers, peanut butter chocolate balls, chocolate mini fudge cakes, and acid drop lollipops complete with a mini cauldron smoking on the plate. Bravo Jody!!

My son Aaron came to enjoy the food and to see Damian. Aaron loves doing magic card tricks so this was a real treat for him to see a master at work. His eyes were as big as saucers the entire performance!!

Our very own Damian the Magician

My sweetie & Passion Projects partner author/photographer John Thomas Grant shot these photos of me as Bellatrix. It was a lot of fun!!

Don't worry, he's only a paper cut out!

Everyone had a fantastic time and didn't want to leave. They were asking when we were having another one. Very soon I told them! For those that missed it, well you really missed an unforgettable afternoon!

For schedule of upcoming events-

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