All Things Victorian

All Things Victorian
Victoriana Lady Lisa

Sunday, August 7, 2011

An Antique & Vintage Sewing Program

It is always a privilege for me to present my antique traveling museum programs, especially for family events. I am often called to entertain at birthday parties for mothers & grandmothers. In this case it was for a sweet lady that turned 80 who lives in Gettysburg, PA. She and her daughters enjoyed sewing over the years. The daughter Nancy who booked the surprise for her mother asked if I had old sewing accoutrements. I did indeed! I told her that I would bring them and choose pieces of antique clothing my from collection that were lush with ornate lace and trims. Everyone in attendance loved being swept back in time. Here are the photos...

The lady of honor and Victoriana Lady Lisa dressed in a circa 1900 ensemble

The display table full of antique and a few vintage items

I began by showing the many layers of undergarments on the left then went into the dresses on the right

The full table display

The left side of the table display

The center of table display

The right side of the table display

Cotton doll and Dimity baby dresses

Detail of a beautiful Victorian beaded piece

Beaded garters and lace reticule drawstring bag

Edwardian boudoir cap, spools of thread & sock darner

Antique doll quilt with photo of the girl who made it

Antique Civil War era flip doll, vintage needle case, pin cushion and silk thread

Detail of an exquisite lace wedding veil

Detail of lace collars, sleeves, caps & vintage needles

                                                     Detail of sewing accoutrements

                                            A vintage button string & needlepoint reticule bag

                           Detail of lavishly trimmed shirtwaist circa 1905

To book this program and others see my web site for more information-

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