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All Things Victorian
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Saturday, December 14, 2013

All Things Victorian Cable Program For Cape Ann TV Massachusetts

I'm delighted to announce that Cape Ann TV loves the program idea, All Things Victorian, that John and I developed. It's on the order of my antique traveling museum shows that I've presented up and down the east coast, for the last decade. Each episode will discuss a different aspect of the Victorian era, from 1837-1901, showcasing authentic antiques and artifacts.

     Victoriana Lady Lisa in an authentic circa 1890 ensemble from her traveling museum collection.

Everything from architecture, to fashion, superstitions, to literature, and much more will be featured. We will also visit the Edwardian era, neo-Victorian fashions, and the latest phenomenon Steampunk.
Programs will be in studio, often with guests, and we will have interviews on location at various B&B's, tea rooms, antique shops, museums, historical societies, and with private collectors, just to name a few.

Once the program airs locally here in Massachusetts then it will be posted on Youtube for all to see!
Stay tuned for more details...

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  1. It is wonderful that this will happen! So excited and happy for you! Now I just have to hope that it will eventually be available somewhere we can watch in Australia!

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    1. I am reposting this since I made a couple of mistakes on the one I deleted..
      Thanks Lisa for posting your blog on Facebook, I wasn't aware that you had one. I am now following it. You are welcome to check mine out at

  3. You are quite welcome, I'm glad that you enjoy my Victorian & Edwardian world. :)