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All Things Victorian
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Thursday, April 14, 2011

Daughter Of Titanic Survivor Speaks

Daughter Of Titanic Survivor Speaks
L to R: Victoriana Lady Lisa Lewis & daughter of Titanic Survivor Mae

The Passion Projects Entertainment Company of John Grant & Lisa Lewis hosted another sell out Last Dinner On The Titanic event. Lisa recently met a wonderful lady whose mother, baby brother and uncle were on the Titanic. Sadly the uncle perished on the ship, here are some photos of Mae speaking to our guests.

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  1. Hi, Lisa!! Sorry that I missed your call last night! I am off Friday evening and Joe is going to a game. Anne Marie and I are so looking forward to Saturday!! Be prepared...I am blonde! Too much gray coming in so i went back to blonde!
    Are you doing anything at Hillside farms in the summer?
    Will Mae be there on Sat.? Will Rose Marie?
    See you on Saturday!!