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All Things Victorian
Victoriana Lady Lisa

Monday, April 11, 2011

Death: Victorian Style Exhibition

Victoriana Lady Lisa was invited to present her Victorian Mourning show to the Susquehanna Mysteries Alliance's annual event Death: Victorian Style.  Everyone was in awe of my authentic collection, circa 1850-1920, and professional presentation of Victorian Fashions & Etiquette. 
Victoriana Lady Lisa in 1880's Mourning from her traveling museum collection.  Photos by John Thomas Grant.

L to R: Organizer of SMA, Melissa Telesha & Victoriana Lady Lisa in full Victorian Mourning petticoats, dress & veil, circa 1880.

Some of my Mourning collection which includes two glass Lachrymosa's (Victorian tear bottle vials)  Jet dress trim and necklaces, mourning buttons, hat pins, hair jewelry, a Vulcanite brooch, and a gentleman's silk Mourning arm band & pin.

A display of my Victorian Mourning artifacts & accessories, post mortem photos, funeral souvenirs, purses, fans, bonnets, veils, crepe scarves, shoes and hair pieces, and Mourning stationary, circa 1850-1920.

Victoriana Lady Lisa in full first year Mourning veil and crepe attire, circa 1880, speaking to the audience.

Another speaker at the event was Lucy Cadwallader who specializes in making Victorian Hair Jewelry as it was done in that era long ago. Her dedication to this amazing craft is truly to be admired. I have read about her and could not wait to meet her! She is wearing a beautiful neo-victorian Civil War dress. You can learn more about Lucy at

Lucy Cadwallader demonstrating the art of Victorian hair weaving in which she creates jewelry from loved ones hair as a remembrance keepsake. This is especially touching as she often makes jewelry from children that have passed away from cancer for their families.

Lucy's Victorian collection of hair jewelry & mourning artifacts are so interesting.

Glass tear catchers (Lachrymosa), Vulcanite jewelry & photo brooches are some of her many fine pieces.

Lucy's impressive collection of Victorian Hair Watch Fobs

Deb Beamer is the owner of the Mechanicsburg Mystery Bookshop, and along with Melissa Telesha, co-founded the Susquehanna Mysteries Alliance aka SMA, a group of like-minded individuals whose interest include the mystical, magical, and perhaps historically strange. A lot of time & planning went into the event, held in the historic Mt. Holly Inn on Rt. 34 in Mount Holly Springs, PA.  I can't wait for next years event!  To view more photos-!/pages/Susquehanna-Mysteries-Alliance/261075298760


  1. Just found your blog and am looking forward to reading more of your neat posts!

  2. wear can i find a Lachrymosa

  3. i want to start my own Victorian mourning collection

  4. It is an absolute pleasure to make the acquaintance of a fellow Victorian lover! I saw you on "Oddities" and was thrilled to discover your Blog. Looking forward to reading your posts and getting to know you.

    You were so lovely on "Oddities" and the hair sculpture you purchased that day is entrancing.