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All Things Victorian
Victoriana Lady Lisa

Friday, March 18, 2011

Artifacts At My Victorian/Edwardian Programs

What will you see at my traveling museum Victorian/Edwardian programs? Plenty! I began collecting at age 15 and have men's, women's, children, bridal & mourning fashions and accessories as well as a nice Ephemera collection, all from 1860-1920.

Here are a few photos of some of my previous events. I travel world wide and present each program in an authentic turn of the century ensemble, right down to the corset and bloomers. These and much more in my antique collection will be featured in my upcoming book Victorian & Edwardian Fashions, published by Schiffer Ltd.

Shown here are examples of my antique bridal photos and accessories. I actually have the gown in the background photo and you can't imagine how tiny the waist was on this woman! Having the history of a piece is referred to as Provenance and makes the item more valuable.

Several sash pins, Mother of Pearl, paste stones and Celluloid.

A bridal fashions program with Victoriana Lady in CT.

Racy Edwardian garters, ooh la la!!

                                      An unusual nursing corset for breast feeding, c. 1900

One of my favorite pieces in my collection, a beaded spider web design Victorian velvet purse.

Some of my Victorian Mourning collection at an exhibit, hair work & vulcanite jewelry, CDV photos, Jet clothing trim, bonnets with veils, mourning hat pins, Jet beaded change purse and funeral announcement.

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