All Things Victorian

All Things Victorian
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Tuesday, March 1, 2011


One of my Victorian passions is Genealogy. It was photos of my Victorian ancestors that inspired my love of the era and my fascination with the fashions. From grade school through high school I read every book about the 19th century, fiction & non fiction, that I could find. Little Women was one of my first reads, I read it over and over. My oldest daughter is even named after Meg in the story.
While researching I discovered that my English Grandfather Samuel J. Martin was a Quarter Master Sergeant in the Civil War Union Army. I also learned that my Irish grandfather was a Constable in Dublin, Ireland.
I enjoyed hearing the family stories from my great grandmother. I have collected over 100 antique family photos, many with names identified, old family recipes and anecdotes. One day I will tell my story in a book.
This was a very brazen picture in its day! My grandmother Lucy Riley is on the right, c. 1900. She and her friends were lifting their skirts and showing their ankles!! My grandfather Anselm Riley took the photo, they were courting at the time, I guess that he didn't mind grandma's spunk. Now I know where I get it from. :)


  1. Great photo! I never looked up my family's history before, I think it would be neat to see where it all began...Have a nice week!

  2. How charming are you!
    I came from a direct link posted on Martha's blog..and I am your newest follower!
    I love all things vintage and Victorian too...and I know I will have fun perusing the pages of your blog!

    I treasure all of my mothers old black and white photos from Italy...
    Family history is where it's at!

    I hope you'll stop in and visit with me sometime.
    Ciao Bella!

    Creative Carmelina